Pet Policy & Fees

 Up to 2 pets (domesticated household dogs or cats) may stay with guests in an available unit on the first or second floor of the resort only. Pets may consist of dogs or cats only and must weigh less than 50 pounds each. NOTE that certain breeds, regardless of weight are prohibited. (Specific language governing pets allowed and not allowed at Casa Playa follows later in this section. Please be sure you review this information before arriving with your pet!) A special pet fee of $25 per night per pet will be added to the unit daily rental fee. In addition pet owners are advised that a minimum of $150 may be assessed during the stay or following departure if necessary to clean pet "accidents", clear pet odors or treat for fleas. You MUST notify our reservation staff at the time you make your reservation that you will be bringing a pet (s). Then, while you are at Casa Playa, the following Rules will apply at all times: 


A limited number of “friendly” household pets (dogs or cats of approved breeds) are welcome at Casa Playa. While we all love our pets, pets present a liability which must be recognized by their owners. Before pets will be welcomed at Casa Playa, owners must: 

1. Give advance notice that they are bringing a pet. 

2. Provide a written description of each pet including size and weight. 

3. Provide evidence, via a current veterinary certificate, that pets have been vaccinated against rabies. 

4. Provide evidence, via an insurance certificate (homeowners or other liability policy), that the pet owner(s) carry liability insurance covering their pet for personal injury to other persons. 

5. Agree to indemnify all unit owners, guests, the Agent and the Association from physical damage or personal injury caused by their pet. 

6. Agree to pay a daily fee, based on the size of the pet, to have the pet stay at Casa Playa. 

7. Agree to accept repair and/or cleaning charges for damage caused by pets to property inside or outside of the rental unit. 

8. Agree to leave a dog unattended for minimum amounts of time in rental unit. 

9. Agree to provide a contact telephone number (cell phone or other contact) to the Rental Management/Security office so the pet owner may be contacted in the event the pet misbehaves or is disruptive to other guests. 

10. Agree to abide by the "Official Casa Playa Resort Pet Governing Language" shown below. 

If pet owners do not wish to, or cannot comply with the above Pet Rules, pets will not be welcome at Casa Playa and pet owners must arrange for their pet to stay at a kennel of the owner’s choice. Having a pet at Casa Playa is a privilege. If the privilege is abused and/or if the Rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave the property without refund.